February GlossyBox Australia

I'mAs this is my first experience with the Glossybox ill start with the packaging.. I'm in love with the limited edition h ot pink valentines day box. I'm even in love with the courier box!

As for the products I received.. I'm a little bit underwhelmed at the variety. I got two lip balms, a lipgloss, an emergency nail file kit and a Proactive cleansing face wash.. I got five items and three of them were for my lips. Maybe they concentrated on lips because its valentines day.

Either way I'm happy with my stuff. I've tested the ELF lipgloss and its gorgeous, so even if the rest  of the stuff isn't that fab, I have lipgloss and travel size nail files that I heart.


Invisalign lady said...

I think you did better than me! I got lip tattoos in mine! Seriously, and an eyeshadow without any powder in it!
I'm thinking of cancelling next month.

Anastasia Bliss said...

Yeah I'm gonna give mine one more go and then decide whether it's worth keeping my subscription.


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