What You've Missed..

When I take the photos that you see on my blog, they are usually accompanied by about fifteen thousand other photos that I choose not to post. Some of them are quite embarrassing and thus the fact that they are hidden away... 

They're not the over-posed or trying to be sexy kind of embarrassing, just the borderline clinically insane kind of embarrassing.

So here they are.. (Starting off with a few mild ones to ease you into it..)

The person in this next one definitely requires a straight jacket.

And today.. When my nose was blocked all the way to my brain.. I'm trying the "block one nostril and push the air out the other" technique.


Valentina said...

Hey some of those photos are alien scary! LOL

Valentina said...

hey some of those photos were alien scary!!! LOL

Krissy said...

lmao this post made me laugh! I totally take photos like that too... but no one will ever see them!!

Anastasia Bliss said...

@Valentina - thanks LOL.

@Krissy - i just looked over it again and the straight jacket photo gets me every time. you should soooo put up a post of some of yours. they're awesome fun to share!


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