Time To Try Something New

It's that time of the week again.. Ugh you know what I'm talking about.. 

I can't go four days after dying my hair without having a half centimeter regrowth!

Don't get me wrong, there's no way I am complaining because this means my hair is growing super fast, it is just becoming a pain in the bum because I loathe regrowth but don't want to overdye my hair. 

I decide it's time to give a new colour it's trial so this morning I got my mum to go and buy me a particular dye (as I was filming a vlog) and then filmed a before and after video. 

I must say that I am incredibly pleased with the results. 

My only complaints? The conditioner is too small, you need a pair of scissors to cut the tip off the application bottle (whereas normally it just snaps off) and it ITCHES. 

I think for half an hour a fortnight I can keep some scissors handy, borrow some of my Organix conditioner and experience some itchy scratchies. It is well worth the colour I achieved. 

Here are some "during" photos..

 This was after I FIRST applied it..

 Revlon ColorSilk in 03 Ultra Light Sun Blonde

 1.7 seconds before I washed it out :p

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Anonymous said...

I have this hair dye too , haven't used it yet . My hair is like.. medium brown , something like that , and I wanna give up bleach and I chose this exact same hair dye to color my roots from now on .. Is it lightening enough? I mean.. Does it lift your colour close to the colour on the box? And does it damage your hair? I am super curious.. Thanks a lot xx


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