Things I've Learned In August.

- Green poop is not always a bad thing.

- Glitter nail polish is the best thing since sliced bread - and I'm not even that keen on bread so I guess glitter polish is actually better!

- Richard Gere was a waste of six months.

- Customs delays on international parcels SUCK.

- Updating your phone number with businesses and doctors (etc) is important.

- I have Reynaud's Phenomenon. Which basically means I have bad blood circulation which leads to sudden (and horrific) pain in my breasts.. So hold on to your nipples girls - literally!

- Swallowing pills has gotten easier with age.

- Blonde hair is a bitch to maintain.

- Ten minutes of sun really makes a difference to your ghost complexion.

- 'Hicks' in the television show 'Alphas' is possibly the sexiest actor on tv at the moment. 
(Until September when Dean Winchester returns)

- Having chocolate brown as the colour in your loungeroom makes it warm in winter and cold in spring.

- Chewing gum makes your bloated.

- Short hair needs to be styled daily. Maybe thats just my hair because it's not as healthy as it should be.

- If you change your hair from black to blonde you should definitely update your license photo to avoid suspicion of fraud. (Learned that the hard way when I was pulled over on my birthday)

- A 'Double beef and cheese' at McDonalds is $1.95 
BUT if you ask for a double cheeseburger it's $3.45
The difference? A piece of cheese.

- No matter how innocent a guy is, he still has it in him to be a player.

- Shopping is not the answer to my problems... Pfft, I'm totally joking about this one :)

- Money changes things. Anyone who says it doesn't, is a liar.

- Cancer should GET the death sentence rather than give it.

- My patience isn't what it used to be.

- Peoples bad breath and body odor really ruins my day.

- A can of Coke is the best drink in the WORLD.

- Plants VS Zombies can cause zombie paralysis if not played with extreme caution.
In other words, my mum was so addicted that she played the game for six hours straight and couldn't move her 'mouse hand' the next day.

- I am addicted to body bronzing products.

- Waking up in a clean room puts me in a good mood.

- The thought of summer is both exciting and exhausting.

- Salted tortilla chips are an incredibly satisfying snack.

- Natalie Portman is absolutely stunning.

- Being the first one to message is not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

- Mirrors are fascinating when they're clean.

- Going to a funeral is harder than I thought it would be.

- It is possible to orgasm during foreplay.
- Blonde hair looks terrible when it's wet.

- If you lose 4 kg you will need new underwear.

- Wizz Fizz lollipops are THE BOMB.

- Australis TLC mascara is the greatest mascara ever created.

- It's possible to lose track of time while I poke the top of my boobs and watch them jiggle around.

- My throat clearing is getting worse by the day.

- Henna takes a frigin long time to wash off.

- I have actual withdrawal symptoms if I don't go shopping at least every 48 hours.

- I miss my blog.

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