I Wanna Be A Denim Cowgirl!

 Yesterday I went shopping at my favourite local thrift store called Savers. 

It's pretty expensive in comparison to other thrift stores so when you find a bargain you really need to beat other shoppers away with a stick! I was searching all ten shoe racks (which hold anywhere upto 1000 pairs of shoes) because I was on the lookout for an odd Sachi shoe. It was a gorgeous brown strappy sandal style pair of heels with jewels sewn onto the straps and they were only $12.99! 

If you buy Sachi shoes you know that a brand new pair is around $150 (or more) and these looked brand new so the idea of saving of $137 made me very happy! After ten minutes of looking desperately on every shelf to the point where I almost crawled on the ground to look under the racks, I knew it was time to give up. Obviously someone had found them, tried them on, loved them but couldn't afford them so they hid one in another section of the store so no-one could find them and buy the pair.

I was pretty bummed, until I saw these:

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE denim shoes, cowgirl boots, stiletto heels, chrome detailing and anything patchwork so imagine my surprise when I came across these. Talk about almost peeing myself! Geez.. I ran around looking for it's partner and guess what? Once again I had no luck! I had the bright idea of hiding this one so that I could go back in a few days (hoping the person who obviously hid the first one would give up and put the original missing shoe back) but when I sat down and tried this one lonely shoe on, it was too big. 

I don't mean too big as in "Oh I'll just wear thicker socks than normal" I mean too big as in I would look like I was a kid wearing my mums shoes - and I haven't done that since I was four! 

So I played the worlds smallest violin between my fingertips and moved on to the next row - where I found a pair of Coach, Tony Bianco, Faith and Juicy Couture shoes.. 


(and will be uploading this haul video on my youtube this week)

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♥mynameisnur♥ said...

I love Savers!!!! Can't wait to shop there when I'm back !!! <333


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