Chi Chi 'Viva La Diva' Matte Lipstick Swatches.

I think one of the biggest reasons I am so excited for summer this year is because of wonderful lipsticks like these. 

I am obsessed with matte lipsticks and I go crazy over bright lipsticks. 
Add them together and this is what you get:

Even at $18.95 each, I am definitely getting all ten bright shades and one of the nudes. 
I already have the third shade from the left. 
It's the shade 'Sex Bomb'. You may remember I went through a phase of wearing in a few of my vlogs.

What's your take on matte lipsticks? 
Do you own any Chi Chi lipsticks?


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to looked over way more of your current well written articles, have a pleasant day!

Anonymous said...

where can you buy these chichi lipsticks?


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