Forget iPhones! I've Got A MePhone.

I've always wanted an iPhone. I never bought one because I couldn't justify spending the money when a phone for me is lucky to keep me interested for six months! My brother recently bought his first smart phone - a HTC wildfire. It looks kinda like an iPhone, does the same (if not more) than an iPhone and is like a third of the price. After watching him mess around with his Facebook and Twitter live feed, I was sold. I went in and was ecstatic to see the demo model was in white. I thought it was meant to be, got my wallet out and of course, no white ones in stock. After seeing the white one, the black seemed so manly.. and white iphones were always my favourite so I put my wallet away and waited for the white stock - which never came. One month and no new phone later, I went back to Big W as I had a gift voucher but still no whities so I went to Dick Smith who are owned by Big W and they had my phone for $100 cheaper than anyone else - so I bought it. At the end of the day I'd prefer to save a hundred bux than have a white phone. Plus, I can always buy a white cover.

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