Of All The Places To Catch Up On Sleep..

For those of you who don't know; Centrelink is the place where the unemployed, pensioners, disabled and students in Australia go to claim payments from the government.

About six months ago I had to accompany one of my friends there who was interested in studying and wanted to get the advice of Centrelink on a few things.

While we were sitting there waiting for her name to be called we both noticed the guy seated directly in front of us. We didn't notice him because of his looks, his charisma or his clothes. We noticed him because he was snoring SO LOUD that we almost had to sms each other to keep a conversation going.

Even with twenty odd people laughing hysterically, he was out like a light.

Here's to you buddy.

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CarmenSays said...

LOOOOOOL ahhh, not feeling very well today so thanks for this, made me chuckle! especially when you said you near enough had to text each other to keep a conversation going, hahaaa xx


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