Krissy recently asked how often I have to touch up my regrowth now that I'm blonde.
To be honest, my hair is growing so fast that after three days it looks like this:

Photo taken in the morning light on my Macbook

I'm sick of bleaching my roots so I decided to try the light pearl blonde on my roots and got this:

Photo taken at night with my Macbook

Neither photo is very accurate but my scalp is still pushing out the build up of black dye as my natural hair colour is at least 10 shades lighter than my current regrowth shade.

The photo of what my regrowth looks like after it is dyed looks like a horrible yellow colour but in real life, trust me it's the most natural blonde ever.

I hope to be uploading a lot of photos in my next post because I have a massive build up of FOTD's from the last fortnight.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

oh thanks for posting this!
sucks that us brunettes have such fast and obvious dark regrowth, but the blonde that you dyed over it looks alright!


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