I Like Summer But I Prefer Wintour.

After watching The September Issue it's amazing to see how vulnerable Anna Wintour actually is. Especially when she is talking about her family (brothers and sisters in particular). She is obviously as cold as ice and I'd go as far as to say that she is a bitch who doesn't suffer fools but I liked seeing that vulnerable insecure and slightly sad side of her when she said her siblings don't take her seriously. It's like they think that she is playing dress up.

There were some amazing fashion shoots and it's interesting to see a sneak peak into the workings of the biggest issue of the year. The September 2007 issue had 840 pages.

What amazes me is that they actually start working on the September issue six months in advance, not to mention that they are still doing fashion shoots two days before it goes to press.

I definitely suggest this to any woman whether your a fashionista or not.

This was my favourite fashion photo from the September issue.

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