We Wish You A Marc-Jacobs Christmas And A Happy New Year.

With Christmas less than two months away I'm in shopping mode.

I guess I'm lucky this year - in the sense that most of my friends have disappeared over the last eight months. Therefore my wallet is safe from being bone dry because I have a bad habit of overspending on my friends. Three of four years ago I spent $200 on a pair of Steve Madden wedges (absolutely MAGNIFICENT) for my 'best friend' (let's call her B-Barbie) and she wore them ONCE. I swear if I had of fit my foot into them I would have worn them almost every weekend. Which is exactly what I did with the bronze pair I bought myself a few weeks later.

Point is - I can't even remember what she got me that year or any year to be honest. My friend turned 18 - i bought him an argileh with coal and three flavours! What did he buy me? Nothing.

I'm too care free and generous with my money. I'm the first to shout and the last to get anything in return. Don't get it twisted, I don't shout or lash out on expensive gifts for my friends because I want something in return - I do it because in my mind, money comes and money goes.

It'd just be nice to have a friend who doesn't rely on me to pay that extra bit on the bill so that they can have a glass of wine instead of a glass of Coke.

Enough of that - on to more important things..

To a lot of us, things such as these Marc Jacobs Christmas stockings would be a 'waste of money' but honestly, I'd sacrifice a week of my lunchtime outings just to put that $50 aside and buy this Christmas stocking. Even though I'd only use it once a year - what's $50 in the scheme of things?

Photos via BryanBoy circa 2007/2008

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