Sick Of Bullsh!t Alien Movies.

My friend Bertie Beetle just dropped me off at home after watching Skyline at the cinemas.

As the Usher song goes "Oh Myyyy Godddddd." WORST MOVIE! I hate movies that don't end. They are just like a part one and you are left to guess what happens.

As if one guy can kill every last alien around the entire world. Worst movie, waste of $27 (as I was stuck paying for both of us).

Took a quick snap of myself when I got home. Must warn you, did my makeup in the dark while we were driving to the cinema so don't be expecting a glamazon.

Love my new Supre top.

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Cydonian said...

It was $27 for 2 movie tickets?! HOLY COW. That is expensive. Everyone I know said the movie sucked too :D


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