Showering The Baby.

Today was my first baby shower. My friend Tara is seven months pregnant and I haven't seen her for almost a year.

I bought her a baby bouncing seat, play mat, owl mobile and a bath thermometer.

I was so glad it was a bit chilly because it meant that I got to wear my Stella McCartney sweater dress for the first time. I knew the party was going to be a tad on the casual side because it was at her house so I paired it with fitted trackie pants and leopard print ballet flats. I took my black Guess bag and just wore simply gold hoop earrings.

I took advantage of the warm nude tones (from my singlet top and Stella dress) and wore a peach shimmer eyeshadow with brown shadow in my crease and brown shadow as winged liner.

The peach eyeshadow was from my Wet N Wild Greed palette and the brown was from my Wet N Wild Vanity palette. On my lips was the Jane Fonda Star Secrets L'Oreal lipstick.

My camera battery died just before I arrived but I managed to get some footage on my video camera.

Here are some photos of me before I left the house.

Click to enlarge.

I had the best day. I am so glad that I went. I made three new friends. The girl I went with (Christina) and two other girls I have often seen on Facebook but never really chatted to.

It's amazing what happens when you put yourself out there.

I wont tell you about the Lebanese girl that I almost punched in the face for saying that she thinks Hitler is (and i am disgusted to quote) "a visionary who would have changed the world. he was just wrongly depicted by everyone, especially the Jews".

I hope that girl dies. Plain and simple.

Anywho, the party was set up wonderfully in a Tiffany & Co blue and white theme. We played baby bingo and other fun games. All in all it was a great day.


Anonymous said...

love the sweater looks great on you!

Scarlet said...

I hope that Hitler loving bitch dies a slow painful death one day. Maybe then she will know what her "hero" put so many millions of people through.

♥mynameisnur♥ said...

You look hot sweetie~


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