Ohh There She Goes.

(this is my post from lastnight at 8pm)

There she goes.

It just sunk in that I sold my car.

My grandfather gave me the full amount in $100 notes. After eating a beautiful pasta dinner, I jumped straight onto www.carsales.com.au and had a look at the options in my price range.

I found the most BEAUTIFUL dark green Audi for a steal. It was so cheap that I didn't waste any time in sending the owner a message to his mobile and asking questions about the car. I'm sweating on him to get back to me because this money is burning a hole in my pocket already. If I'm not careful I'll go out tomorrow and spend $1,000 on clothes, shoes, accessories and more makeup! Speaking of makeup..*pause - guy replied to my sms* DAMN IT, the Audi is solddddd.

Grr, disappointing. Anyway, speaking of makeup, I found all new Calvin Klein makeup sets so I will no doubt be investing in those. Is there such a thing as having a shopping disease? I just cant stop myself. I hate having money. I hate having money because I just want to spend it.

Let me know if any of you are the same way.

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