Is That A Wig?

I don't know why Dolce&Gabbana think that Scarlet Johansson is so glamorous.
She always looks like a bit of a sooky starfish to me.

Putting aside the fact that I think she looks extremely boring.
Even putting aside the fact that her and David Gandy have no chemistry in this photo.

Does anyone else think this looks like a wig??

Look closer..

Click to enlarge.


Blodwen said...

Hahaha! I so agree with you, 'sooky starfish' made me laugh my head off! I just don't see what's so amazing about her, it seems like everyone thinks she's the ultimate glamorous, sexy woman, but meh I'm not feeling it! And yes, it does look like a wig!

Phoebe!x said...

oh yea it sort of does look like a wig cause somehow it looks detached from her scalp... haha strange.

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