Girl Vs Guy

Today is a big day for me. I'm meeting up with a girl (Blaga) that I haven't seen in yearrrrssss. I met her through another friend of mine (Radmila) who I also haven't seen in years. Anyway, she's super nice but I dunno, for me it's always a huge deal when I meet up with girls.

This photo was taken in 2004.

Radz, Blaga, Betty and Me.

While I'm on the subject of that night, here are some other photos.

This morning I got up extra early and washed my hair (which I normally wouldn't do, I'm a night-washer). Now I just have to apply my nails, change my toenail polish, dry and curl or straighten my hair, choose what I'll wear, do my makeup properly, accessorize, charge my phone and camera, spray my perfume, put my YSL bronzing cream/tan booster on my legs to make them look extra tanned, find my sunglasses, change wallets and buy gum.

If it was a guy that I was meeting up with, I'd have washed my hair and left it towel dry, done some dodgy makeup, thrown on some clothes and just shoved everything in the handbag that was just lying around my room.

Am I the only girl who makes more effort for girls than I do for guys?
Help me out here ladies..

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