Double Standards..

It really tweeks my melon that the Glee GQ spread is getting so much negativity when photos like the ones I've posted below are going around.. and celebrated never the less!

OoO she's 30, WOOPTY DOO. People are saying she is brave for posing nude at 30. The last time I checked, posing nude is all that Kim Kardashian is worth..!

And don't even get me started on the fact that people call this crap 'art'. If it was art, her face would have been painted too. She wouldn't be standing there full frontal or ass out with her hair and makeup done flawlessly.

This is just another pathetic example that Kim Kardashian will do ANYTHING to get noticed. If she's not naked, she's in a bikini.

This family makes me sick. No doubt her mother told her what a 'great opportunity' this photo shoot would be for her 'career'.

You know who I call brave? Who I respect for posing nude? Helen Mirren. Women like her are in a league of their own. Kim Kardashian can take her clothes off all she likes, she will never have a shred of dignity in my eyes.

People are actually inspired by THIS person..?

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Krissy said...

woah, she has a hugggggeee-ass booty!!

i totally agree. what is she famous for? nothing. she will do anything to get noticed. 'keeping up with the kardashians' makes me sick, i cant stand watching it!!


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