Hey girls. I've just been sent a comment by someone who didn't win saying that the winner of my green eyes mascaras entered one day after the competition ended.

As there was only one entry for green eyes before the due date I thought it would be only fair to include four last minute entries - which also included a girl with brown eyes. I didn't calculate my entries until the 24th and they all entered on the 23rd. If they were a day late, I don't mind - they still entered in my eyes and after all - it is a competition.

Out of all fairness, I'll be sending Anika a green eyes mascara of her own if she still wants it.

Anika, give me an email on burymeinvelvet@hotmail.com with your postal address and I'll send it out with the others.

Fair is fair.


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Becky said...

Did you send me an e-mail or have I to send you one to you?
I read in your winner's post that you would e-mail us, but I haven't received any e-mail.
Sorry if I disturb you.
My mail: rebeca.cd@hotmail.com


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