Today And Tomorrow.

Today was a pretty cool day considering I've been dreading it since yesterday afternoon. Mum told me that I needed to get up early and go to the bank so I could open a new account. Things like that really annoy me. I dunno, they are just draining.

Anyway, we got up, got ready and walked to the bus stop. We waited at the bus stop in a light mist of rain for 23 minutes. Then at the train station for 11 minutes. Opening a new account at the NAB literally took 2 minutes.

We had a chicken schnitzel salad wrap, a chocolate mousse and a coffee (well a can of V in my case)

We went into the local stores and I got some amazing bargains. I went into a store that stocks Satch and I got a dress and four tops. The dress was reduced down from $329 so I had to buy it. Now that I'm looking at it, I'll probably sell it. It was NOT a waste of $150 because some other lucky lady will get to buy it. I just know that no matter how much weight I lose, my boobs will never fit into it. I wish I had of been in this state of mind today instead of being so seduced by the huge reduction in price. I'll be keeping the five tops I bought. They were only $50 each reduced from around $180 each. Bargain!

I also stopped in a thrift store and got a Champion tshirt that is new with tags, a pair of vintage 80's earrings for $3, a purple Hugo Boss t-shirt for $7 and a vintage 70's black shirt with gorgeous sleeves. After that, I went and bought a pair of trackies and a 3/4 sleeve top - in stripes. I don't know what my obsession is with stripes but I must own 20 items of clothing or more in stripes!

I'll be doing a vlog tomorrow and showing all of my items to you.

I'm so proud that I've been keeping up with my YSL challenge. Oh that reminds me, I need to post my day six entry even though it's after midnight. Sorry for the delay, I've been watching The Girl Next Door. I tried to watch Watchmen but there's no sound =\

Mum stuffed our tv lol.

How was your day lovelies?

Tomorrow will not be fun for me. I have a long day of packing the rest of my room. Remember how I said that I have over 300 items of clothes to sort before my room is finished? Well, I need your help. I'm going to be vlogging all of those clothes so you can give me your opinion on what you love, like and are not so keen on.

That kind of makes it sound fun, but thinking back to the 50 odd boxes of clothes I've already packed.. I'm so over it. I wish I could just sell all of my clothes. I think if I was able to part with all of my shoes, clothes, jewelery and accessories, I'd probably never need to work again lol.

Who else here in a hoarder? I still have clothes from the year 2000 and I just cant sell them because they are still as in fashion now as they were then!! I wish I could be more strict but I cant help it.

I think it's time for some tough love.

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Anonymous said...

I go through my cloths about once a year to toss or donate whats not flattering to me anymore. I usually donate them though to Goodwill. People around this parts go crazy in a goodwill store for something cute! lol I think its about time to go through my cloths again because after I get married the bf is going to take me shopping in Florida for some cute things. I am trying to get into more dresses these days even though winter is approaching us in a few months I love boots so gotta show them off! :)


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