Gotta Keep Moving..

It feels like forever since I really talked to you girls.

In all honesty, I feel brain dead. The stress of finishing my grandfathers memoirs really took its toll. I'm exhausted - mentally and physically, which means I really had nothing to say when I looked at an empty blog post. Filling it with pictures does make me feel better but I really need to step up my game.

Since I got back to Melbourne, I've been shopping once (like I mentioned on my YSL post) and the rest of the time I've been home. The only outing I've really had since Friday is going to my local supermarket twice.

I also need to get motivated. I just found two skirts that I used to wear when I was seventeen and DAMN I was like 15kg lighter.

Sunday morning I woke up and I thought my stomach and intestines were going to explode inside my body. They were cramping, super tight and so bloated that I thought they were literally going to burst in my body. After three hours of crying, shuffling between the toilet, the bath and the medicine chest - I woke up in a luke-warm bath. I had tea towels covering my private parts and my mum was sitting on the ground beside the bath having a coffee.

Thank you to all the wonderful pharmaceuticals I had that morning. I may not have lived through that experience without them.

Thank you to my mum who sat on a cold tiled floor for however long while I was passed out in pain.


No more dairy, at all. No exceptions. I will never risk another episode like that. No scoop of ice cream, no piece of cheese and no sip of milk is worth being petrified that my insides are about to burst out my body.

Me + Dairy =

On to a better subject. Today I'm going to be having an outing with my mum. Were going to my local mall and having a look at what to expect for this summers fashion in Australia. I am not intending on buying anything because we are moving house next week.

We are moving into a smaller house that costs less in rent. When my mum and I move overseas, there's no way that my brother would be able to afford to live in this house all by himself. Plus, who wants to live in a house with three extra empty bedrooms?

We're moving only a few streets from the house we currently live in. It's a two bedroom house with a bungalow. Not to mention that it's literally half the rent we pay at the moment.

I always love the stages that come before the actual moving day. I always find things that I forgot I even owned. At the moment for example I've lost two Dior dresses. I've turned the house upside down and I cannot find them anywhere!!! Summer is fast approaching and I need them for my shopping days and lunch with my friends.

As soon as I find them, I'll be sure to post photos. I'm not looking forward to packing this entire house. We have our business running out of the spare bedroom and it is overflowing with clothes, shoes, accessories etc. I'll be sure to post photos of that too. It will look like a disaster for sure.

I feel better now that I've had this little convo with all my girls.

I am thinking of making a few short vlog videos of my day to day life. When I'm shopping, when I'm packing etc, but I don't know if people even find those interesting.

OHHHH before I go. Great news is that when I move to the new house, I'm having five giveaways and I'll finally be able to have a standard place that I vlog from. I am soooo looking forward to setting up half the bungalow as a study/fashion corner.

Feel free to suggest themes and ideas. Shoot some photos my way.

Anastasia xx

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