What Was She Thinking?

I don't know about most of you, but I personally can't stand Rhianna, Rihanna - however you're meant to spell it. In my opinion she isn't worth checking my spelling on.

I am very opened minded when it comes to clothes, makeup, hair and everything else about a persons image but I am more than happy to let everyone know that I am really unimpressed with her hair. Although it pains me to admit this, her makeup can look fabulous at times but not even the best makeup in the world can save her from looking like a fire hydrant.

Here's praying that the next time she's waiting to cross the road, a dog (in tradition) cocks his leg and pees on her.


Krissy said...

that last photo of her is so charming..........not!

paige said...

amen sister! not a rhianna fan at all

Andrea. said...

This made me laugh not going to lie. I like her makeup minus the red hair not suiting. Also hate her outfits.


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