Thank God He's A Country Boy.

Leverage is worth watching because it's a great television show and because Christian Kane is one of the main actors.

It has to be marriage. Please, oh please, marriage is all I'm asking. Maybe 7 kids as well but for now, marriage will do just fine.

I'd give up shoes, designer makeup and shopping sprees for a lifetime. Well maybe not a lifetime..

........ Ok a lifetime!!!

Anastasia-Evangaline Kane. Mrs Anastasia Kane. A-EK. AK.

Mrs Kane.. It could work.

I could watch him ride a horse, strum his guitar with a pen in his mouth to write lyrics, punch guys who annoy me, order me fries with mustard, smile, sleep, snore, drink beer, walk around in a towel (oh yes) and even burp, fart and all the other less attractive things that men do.

This post is a tad stalker-ish but hell, just look at him! I can't bring myself to post the photos of him in a cowboy hat because then I'd never write another post again just so I didn't have to refresh the page - haha.

If Christian Kane or anyone in the world who knows him ever reads this..



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Anonymous said...

In a way he kinda reminds me of Billy Ray Cyrus :)


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