Stop, Thief!

There is only one real difference between someone stealing your bag in the street and someone stealing your money over the internet.

When it's virtual theft you can't scream 'Stop, thief!' like they do in the movies. Those famous two words are usually followed by a handsome man throwing a can of vegetables into the crowd. You can actually feel that sense of justice and relief when the can of vegetables hits the thief right on the head as he bolts from the crime scene. It's moments like these that I wish there were virtual cans of vegetables that I could throw through my computer screen that would fly out the thief's computer screen on the other end.

The reason I'm going on about this is because I recently purchased a secondhand Louis Vuitton bag on the internet. The seller was from South Australia and I'm from Melbourne. It's been 23 days since she supposedly sent the bag and it still hasn't arrived. I doubt she even sent it to begin with. She has given me nothing but trouble since day one and I wish I hadn't deposited the money into her account.

Here is the last email I wrote to her.

Click photo to enlarge.

I feel some release of stress by taking this matter further. Deep down though, I know the feeling will never compare to the relief I would get if I caused a concussion to the lowlife who stole my cash.


London's-beauty said...

oh noo! I hate it when that happpens. I hope you get your money back


TruGlamGuzzie said...

Wow, Im so sorry for you loss. Not just your money but also your Louie!! I hope everything works out in the end and justice is served!!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

If it was over ebay you can do something about it just report her. I hope you get this resolved and catch this theif. I hate theifs so much. In my highschool year of junior homecoming dance I went out shopping with my mom to find a dress while my sister slept and her friend was over. I got home and found that my purse was gone, half my makeup and some shirts!!! I went to my neighbors where my sis had been hanging with her friend and guess what! Her friend was wearing my purse!!! I had to call her mom and tell her she took it and that I could prove it was mine and everything. I was so mad! But she gave the stuff back i even was nice and let her keep some of the makeup she took. And to this day she trys to befriend me on facebook lol.


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