Shopping Trip, Cleaning Out My MakeUp Drawers And A New Vlog Entry.

I was shopping with my mum today and I bought MORE Red Earth cosmetics. I don't even think I've uploaded the video/swatch post from my Red Earth trip last week.

I bought a few blush colours, foundation powder, translucent powder, lipgloss, concealer lipgloss and a few other tid bits. I'm about to upload the video on my vlog and I will be doing a swatch post as soon as my camera is charged. I think the reason I am mentioning this now, instead of just uploading the two posts is because when I came home, I tried to fit all of the new things I just bought into my (already huge) makeup storage case.

No luck.

I had intended on buying another one the same and just carefully stacking them on top of each other but honestly, I rarely use 3/4 of the makeup I own.

Why buy more storage when I could just clean out the cosmetics I already have?

I know for a fact there are like 3 Chanel, 5 YSL, 5 Mac, 2 Napoleon Perdis and other random items I want to get rid of.

It's time.

Look for a blog sale coming soon. I wanna get rid of it all so it'll be cheap as chips.

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