Open Your Eyes To Wild Cherries - Semi Review.

It's 6.47pm and you wouldn't know it but about 10 minutes ago I was fast asleep on the couch with my head crammed in between a stack of pillows and my legs twisted like a pretzel. I guess that's what happens when you are sharing a couch with yourself, your dog and your mum. I could have been a pilates teacher or an Olympic gymnast with the moves I just made. I feel terrible kicking my dog off for doing the same thing I am. She has a right to be comfortable to. The only real difference is that she sleeps 18 hours a day and I sleep 8.I woke up to the sound of my brother cooking. I told you he is training to become a chef, didn't I? Yum yum, dinner is almost ready.

My subconscious never fails to have perfect timing waking me up when it comes to food.
I opened my eyes and the first thing I seen was my Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter.

My grandmother surprised me with it the last time I visited her. It's a thank you but for what? I'm not sure. My mum must have told her how much I love the scent of cherries so her last Body Shop party she purchased it for me. You have to love her! It's 200ml for $27.95 which is a fair amount of money but the stuff lasts such a long time! I'm still not sure if I'm in love with it or not. I have been using it since my perfume ran out because it's a strong cherry scent that lasts a long time. The only problem that I have with this product is that it leaves a residue on your skin. It never fully absorbs. I applied it at 9.30am and 9 hours, being out in the train, putting on a pair of trackie pants and having a nap still hasn't made a lick of difference. I run my finger over my legs and my fingertip feels a tad greasy.

Your skin doesn't look oily, greasy or shiny - you just know it is. I guess it's good in a way because you only have to apply it once every 24 hours. You also have the benefit to know your skin will still be moisturized until you wash it off but then again it wouldn't be very appealing if a guy (or girl) touched your arm, leg, back, hand or any other body part and then needed a wet-wipe to clean their hands. The residue is a little out of your standard napkins capabilities.

I love the scent and I love body butter in general, I just don't appreciate feeling like a surf board all day. I feel coated in wax, I really do. Maybe I will try the body lotion, shower gel or even the bar of soap from the same range.

Body Lotion - 250ml - $21.95

Shower gel - 250ml - $12.95

Soap Bar - 100g - $4.95

What a wonderful coincidence and bonus that they are all cheaper than the body butter.


Anonymous said...

I love their body butters, mine has been unloved because I don't like the satsuma scent.. Think I'm going to get a coconut or cocoa butter one soon! xxx

Anonymous said...

I used to have the coconut one its very nice, but I agree with it being a tag "slick" when you apply it. I have the grapfruit one right now and it's not as bad, but I only barely swipe my fingertips to use it and that helps. :)

Becky said...

Love that products (^_^)

Krissy said...

Oh I've got the wild cherry one! I dont really like it that much though...I'm more into vanillas and that kinda thing. Although the body butter itself does have a good moisturising consistency!


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