For The Modern Day Gypsy-Cinderella.

If I was forced to live in the attic, this is what my bed would look like.


Anonymous said...

I would really have to say this is like a child hood memory I get when I look at this pic. I always wanted the weird spaces as my bedroom everytime I moved into a new house with my parents, just so I could have my own lil space like that. I think I have a pic of me reading a book in one room that was a huge walk in closet. My sister snapped it when I was like 14. If I find it I'll definatly post it.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

ohhhhh i wanna see that photo!

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

Love this picture. I've always wanted a room where I can decorate it any way I want but never had the chance to. Maybe one day :)



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