Taking A Trip To Paradis, Detouring Through Allentown.

I'm so glad that I no longer have to listen to Vanessa Paradis whistle and sing through the Rouge Coco by Chanel advertisement during the television ad breaks.

It was nice of Chanel to bring back the whistle she did in the original ad in the early 90s but I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm over the moon that I no longer have to hear it 45 times a day.

I suppose it didn't help that my brother would always make comments regarding 'horse teeth' or 'whistling through her front teeth' every time he even heard the ad from another room. As much as it made me laugh, the ad itself required a channel change or the mute button.

It's no surprise to see she is now advertising bags for Chanel in the August issue of Marie Claire magazine.

I'm well aware that Chanel got rid of Lily Allen because she wasn't suitable for Chanel due to her partying habits but in my opinion, this bag suits Lily Allen a lot more than Vanessa Paradis. I cannot see her wearing this bag in real life whereas Lily Allen looks like she would own one in every colour!

The ads they shot of Lily Allen looks like she is playing the role of a spoilt rockstar princess who loves to be the center of attention and be the loudest girl in the room.

I'm not quite sure why they would make an ad campaign like that and then dump her for being the same person she's portraying in their ads. Plus, all you have to do is listen to one of her songs to know who she is and how she is.

Maybe they should do a bit of research before choosing the next person to do their ads.

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