Stage Name? Hairella. (Hair + Barbarella = Hairella)

I've just finished the first stage of my bleaching experiment. I'm taking it down SLOWLY and in stages so I can hopefully avoid frying my hair. In about half an hour I'm gonna strip it again and then apply the brown hair dye so that it tones the red.

Does anyone else have hair that throws a lot of red? Even when my hair is black it throws a bit of red at first. It's strange, I thought that black dye would sort of eat any other colour it came into contact with. It kinda reminds me of Pac Man.

I purposely didn't wash my hair the whole time I was at my grandparents house. Firstly because their shower head is an eco friendly one (which means it has jack-shit power when it comes to the water pressure). It would be a waste of a water saving shower-head if it takes me an hour to wash out my shampoo! Secondly I didn't wash it because obviously when I got home I knew that my hair was becoming a pole dancer, because I'm stripping it. BAHAHA.

I have been looking at the blog and YouTube channel of MakeUpByMel and at the start of the year she had two toned hair. Watching her YouTube clips drove me crazy in the sense that I want her hairstyle. Not so dramatic (because its dark brown at the roots to her chin and from her chin to her ends, its blonde). It's a brave colour because it looks like she has had blonde hair and just let it grow out. Mine will be a lot more subtle than that. It will be black until my ears, then a chocolate brown and hopefully a lighter brown on the last two inches. It sounds disgusting but it will look hot if I can get the vision out of my mind and into my hair.

I don't want any major breakage so if it takes me a month to get the look I want, I don't mind - as long as my hair stays healthy. That's my main concern.

I will post photos over the weekend of my new hair colour because tomorrow is my great grandmothers 90th birthday. We are going back to my grandparents town tomorrow to celebrate her birthday at her party. I have NO IDEA what to wear. I want to be dressy but also comfortable. Blah, cant stress over that at the moment because it's my hairs turn on stage to strip again. Hopefully the tips are big after this appearance.

Wish my hair luck, it's a tough crowd so I'll need it.

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Anonymous said...

:P you have beautiful hair girl, no worries. I'm sure your goal to get this dye job will turn out awesome. I can't wait to see it. Tell grandmama happy Bday from me!! :) heehee


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