A Few Cute Shopping Finds.

I just got home from an outing with my mum. I wore a sailor stripe dress and a black knit batwing jumper over the top with some sandals.

My hair was a tad dirty so I put it up in a messy bun with two silver dove clips.

I had a caramel shake n a hotdog for lunch. It came with a free bobble head chihuahua haha and no that is not the reason I got a shake n dog. Mum and I went into Big W and found some cute accessories on sale for $2 so I got a few pair of earrings and a Gossip Girl ring that broke on the way home =(

We got the bus home and this GREAT smelling guy sat behind me. He got off at our stop, walked beside my mum and I all the way to the fruit shop and accidentally hit me in the face with one of those plastic doorway things that keep the flies out when we all walked into the supermarket. At least I got to hear his accent when he apologized. Spanish maybe? Either way it was a nice accent. We stopped and got some lemons and free tangerines.

Mum and I then struggled all the way home to carry all of our groceries and shopping bags.

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