Which Would You Choose?

I am interested in buying these Marc Jacobs shoes but I can't decide on a colour. 

Wanna help me out?


Kristie @ naturalNchicmakeup.blogspot.com said...

I vote for yellow!

Nur Bamadhaj said...

Gosh! I would have trouble choosing the colour as well. They are all soo pretty. I like all the colours except yellow. But if you have alot of shoes with the same colours, then I would suggest getting a different colour. It's nice to have a variety of colours ;)

Do tell which colour you decided to get.



Anonymous said...

I would personally go for the first ones the turquoise or blue that it is. I think blues and reds as well as yellows though look super hot on olive skin :)

paige said...

first ones :)

Fintia said...

The first one!!


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