I have forgotten to keep updating you with my Tuesday adventures with.. None other than 'Tuesday' himself. Here he is, in his new Dangerfield coat that he got for the bargain price of $139. He was so proud. I love the jacket.. And his cologne.

On Tuesday we went to a restaurant called Smoken Joes. That was, after he flew straight past The Cheesecake Shop. He purposely sped up, thinking I wouldn't see it. I did (I have an inbuilt radar for cheesecake) and when he realized I knew, we turned around. He had to drive through back streets and side streets but we got there, as they closed. I was too embarrassed to go in and ask if they can sell me one last cheesecake before they go home and he pretended he forgot what cheesecake I like so he didn't have to go in and we ended up missing out on cheesecake. He said he didn't want me to make him look bad on my blog by saying he purposely tried to deprive me of my favourite dessert (that is the only reason he turned around). Hahaha ahh, what a character.

Anyway, we went to Smoken Joes on Mt Alexander Rd. We sat on a very un-romantic 4 seater table instead of the 2 seater tables that were shoved in the corner. He knows me too well. I hate being where it's really busy and I hate having no room to be comfortable and squirm around if I need to. Plus, as if I'm putting my bag on the floor! It goes on the seat next to me thanks.

I gotta invest in one of those bag hooks. How awesome are they? I only discovered them a fortnight ago. Didn't realize we have 3 here in the study that are ready to be sold on our site.

Back to the food, I got a chicken parmigiana and he got a honey mustard chicken that was named something that had nothing to do with honey or mustard. They were huge meals, so huge at even though I only ate half my meal, I still didn't have enough room for dessert. BUMMER. I had to send my parma back because it was still a bit pink inside. The owner himself came over and said how embarrassed he was and how sorry he was. I didn't mind, just didn't feel like getting food poisoning. I hate sending things back but I want what I'm paying for, or in this case, what Tuesday is paying for haha. While we were waiting for my second parmigiana to be sent out, an old friend (you will know him as Swift Boy) came in with three of his friends and sat down two tables away. There was hardly anyone else in the restaurant but he didn't see me. I was a bit relieved because it's been so long since I have spoken to him, I wanted to avoid the awkward 'So whats new?' conversation.

That reminds me, if anyone ever comes across bubblegum scented soap, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either buy it for me or tell me where you got it so I can buy it myself. I'm in love with it, ever since I got my nails done in Sydney two years ago, I've been drooling over the thought of it being mine. Have just never been able to find it. Not that I've looked.. =\ Don't ask me how Swift Boy makes a connection with bubblegum hand soap in my mind, I have no idea. I think it's because the colour of one of his cars was like a bubblegum pink. Hrmm, beats me.

Anyway.. After our meal we went up the road to Office Works. Some of you may remember that I did a James Bond and stole his awesome pen.. Well it was payback time. He wanted a new one. I made him buy me a pink one even though I stole his pen and I was meant to be buying him a pen. He ended up spending a whopping $18 on me. I got a fluro pink notepad, a ten pack of purple blue and pink pens, a six pack of orange green blue pink and purple pens, some pink speech bubble stick-it notes and when we went up to the check-out counter (after looking at every single pink item in the store) there was a bigggg box of coloured markers. I got a dark pink one. Then we went upto the counter itself and there was a perspex tub saying 0.12c. Inside these tubs there was a pile of pink gel pens and blue ones next to it. Only 12 cents each?!?! I was only going to get one of each colour but I thought stuff it and got all of both colours. There was roughly 7 of each. Tuesday was going to buy me a pink USB as well but it was $20 and I felt bad that he had to buy his own pen and $18 worth of stationary for me so I showed some self control and I put it on my wishlist for next week when I get some money.

I dunno what it is about stationary but I love it. I just love how different pens make you write pretty or write really messy. Plus I love fresh pages. I use every 3rd or 4th page in books depending on how hard I press down on the pen.

After going to the post box, we sat and listened to music, played Plants Vs Zombies and then christened the first page of my new notebook and almost every pen I bought.

His new pen was elite. I want it, haha. Here's a photo the page when we first started and then a photo of me in my vintage Pierre Cardin knit cardigan. I look the size of a whale because it's actually a mens one. I was just so cold that I had to wear something oversized. I hate how shiny my makeup is at the end of the night and I need to dye my hair, again!


Anonymous said...

yummm... food looks goood! I'm also obsessed with stationary. I dunno what it is about it, but when I walk into Office Max here I want every cool pen and stock up on notebooks hehe. I love to write. :)

Bury Me In Velvet said...

ohhh me too me too and even if i cant think of anything to write, i will write random words or just scribble on pages. it's relaxing.


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