They Don't Make Em Like This Anymore..

Pictures like this always get me wondering.. How do woman of today compare their 'hourglass' figure to someone like this? To be fair, she probably wasn't even considered curvy back in her time. This figure was the norm.

After looking at thousands of photos of Marilyn Monroe, I have noticed that a lot of her 'bombshell' figure was only thanks to dressing very carefully.

Her pants always sat at the same place on her waist that her skirt or waistline of her dress does which minimized her waist and broadened the look of her chest and hips. Yes, I guess she was curvy in her own sense and yes she still inspires women all around the world to flaunt what they have but it's a known fact that when Marilyn Monroe was at her peak, her measurements were falsified to further promote her as a sex symbol.

Her figure was equal to a rough standard of a size 10 in todays Australian sizes.

The thing that made Marilyn Monroe unique in my eyes is the fact that she was beautiful. Not what they tell you beautiful is, not what beauty is made to look like.. She was naturally beautiful. Her smile twinkled in her eyes, her damage and vulnerability oozed out of her pores. She had the ability to light up a room as soon as she walked in. Her insecurity, need to please and child like innocence is what set her apart from the Jane Mansfields of the world.

She was a messed up train wreck waiting to happen and it was (and still is) insatiable.

I have never seen a photo of Marilyn Monroe that I didn't think was magnificent. As soon as I look at her, I can see the hope she held in each breath, the craving to be adored and yet she always seemed so relaxed and natural in her being.

I'm not sure if any of this makes sense to you and I doubt you agree but most people just see Marilyn Monroe as the typical glamorous old Hollywood star. I am not denying that she was those things.. But for me? It's not that at all.

I see her as a real woman. I see her as real.


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