So Much To Sell So Little Time!

I had a great morning. Two pieces of toast and two new friends to my blog. After the toast and the friends it went downhill a tad though. Had a shower and washed my hair. This is the second time I've washed my hair since I dyed it last week and remember what I told you about washing dark hair in cold water? Well it was so cold, I was scared that if I had a cold shower it would turn to ice and I'd either be turned into a giant ice cube or I'd be stabbed by little ice drop spears. I gave in and turned the hot tap on full blast until the bathroom was so steamy that my hair was practically damp before I even got in the shower! It was great, so relaxing, could have slept for another 20 minutes standing up on that spot, so I took my time and the longer I took the more dye I lost. I got out of the shower and I have a little brown/blonde gt stripe running straight down the part in my hair. ARGGGGHHHHH. Plus, my beautifully manicured nails I did lastnight are chipped. I guess the only thing keeping me sane is all the parcels I got lastnight. I think they will keep all of you shopping addicts sane too, due to the fact that 3/4 of the clothes didn't fit so I have to sell them. Plus I got another pair of Gucci heels THAT DONT FIT =(
Are any of you a size 39 in Gucci shoes, feel free to snatch them up on my website in two days for our grand opening. We ship internationally. Plus I'm selling 5 of the Versace eyeshadows I received in the post because I already have colours that are extremely similar.

Anywho, I'm off to take some photos of the item's that I am not keeping so I can list them on the site and also update lastnights post to show you what I got in all of those packages!

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