I Think I'll Go In-Sa-Sa-Saneeee.

After talking about Saturday Night Fever yesterday, I was looking for something to watch while I edited photos for my website and I came across Staying Alive. It was collecting dust so I brushed it off and put it to use.

I forgot how much I enjoy the movie. Cynthia Rhodes is a female Gumby, she is that flexible!

Stallone's brother Frank had a LOT to do with most of the songs in the movie.

Finola Hughes was amazing, I love her crimped hair and how she always wore headbands over her forehead like a gypsy.
The first one she had on with the diamantes (as pictured) is something I'd wear now! And I mean right now, even though I'm in my brothers old Everlast tshirt, with trackies that are two sizes too big and the fact I need to wash my hair. I'd still wear it. If it didn't threaten to rip my hair out at the roots I think I'd sleep in it I like it that much!

Ahh, to have been this age back when you didn't have to worry that someone was going to throw red paint on you if you wore a floor length fur coat outside your house. Maybe I'd feel differently about fur if I didn't grow up in the years I did. I hate to say it, but fur freaks me out. I can't even touch a fur pompom. I do the spazz thing where it's as though a spider fell on your hand.

It's just a jump to the left and then I skip to the riii-ii-iighttt.. I wipe my hands on my pants, afraid I might cry-yyy, I shake my hands to the sky-yyyy. My skin is crawl-crawl-crawlingggggg.. You better get this fur off me NOWWWWWW.

Yeah that about sums it up. It's creepy to me. Faux fur I can handle, but the real deal? Sorry mate, like I just explained..

Fur + Me = Remixed TimeWalk dance x Goldie Hawn Cockroach From Hell Shower Dance

For all of you non movie nuts, these are the references:
Bird On A Wire.
The Rocky Horror Show.

Gotta go, mum is asking my blonde hair care advice.



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