Well I'm trying to shrink them.

Will one of you lovelies please recommend a pore minimizing cream or face wash etc? I don't wanna spend a million dollars but price isn't really a deal breaker.

It's desperate times. My pores are so big that I could plant seeds in them and grow a vegie garden on my face!

It's ridiculous. 


Tonia said...

Try the Clinique Pore Minimizer! It works for me and it doesn't cost a fortune :)
Tonia xx

Anonymous said...

Queen Helene mint julep masque. Its really cheap, it gets deep down to get rid of blackhead and it SHRINKS PORS YAAAHHH!

Anonymous said...

Okay this may sound really weird, but it worked for me 2 nights ago. I took a large egg and seperated the yolk and iky white thing inside...and mixed the egg white with a little bit of lemon juice and used a cotton pad and put it on my face, waited 15 minutes till dry and washed it off. My pores looked noticably smaller right away and I felt them tightening as well with it on my face. Saves on buying something expensive and it dosent have any unnatural chemicals in it. Hope this helps :)

Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ Tonia - thankssss, i love Clinique products. good to get a recommendation for something im familiar with.

@ Make Up Nonsense - sounds AWESOME. when i seen the word Queen i was automatically interested and when you said its cheap, pwoahhh it's fate haha.

@ Deanna/SnowBunny - hAHAHA trust you to tell me to put egg and lemon on my face. if i do this and i find out your just trying to make me look like a moron there will be punches hahaha. thanks for the recipe though, love the old wives tales.

Anonymous said...

Really I tested for myself and was like wow this really worked! Hahah I would never make you look like a foo girl! I'll make ya stay beautiful! :)


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