Get Well Grandad.

These were taken before I left for my grandparents. 
I was sporting dodgiest makeup on the face of the Earth which consists of the crappiest foundation in the world (Covergirl Tru Blend), Bourjois Paris lipstick as blush and a Revlon quad of black, grey and nude eyeshadows. Finished off with 'Colossal' mascara that always makes one of my eyelashes look glittery and the other look jet black which shits me no end - time to change. 

This was only a quick, slack-ass 5 minute job because I was rushed. 

I love my 70's style balloon sleeve knit top by Grab Denim. It's actually a bit big on me now. 
I'm advertising the top, not the cleavage. Sorry, but whenever my boobs see a camera, they become proud as a peacock (lifting themselves up 3 inches in the process). God forbid I ever become famous! They will swallow me whole if I'm ever in front of the paparazzi. HAHAHA.

We drove for 2 hours to visit my grandparents because my grandfather recently had a knee reconstruction. 

Can't believe how swollen it still is! At least the scar is going to be clean. 

He is complaining because it's not straight. Haha.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Hope it heals fine and he gets better!

sweetkuromi (Ronnie) said...

aww bless, thanks for following my blog n nice update! hope ur grandad will make a speedy recovery... n I love ur purple top =)

paige said...

that top is beautiful. i want.
and dont worry my boobs usually do that too.

ps. please dont get famous and swallowed by boobies. i think i would miss you =)


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