Fantastian = Fantastic + Asian.

I love Asian things. 

I love the food, the fact they bedazzle anything they can get their hands on, the Hello Kitty obsession, the awesome toys, clothes, the technology/gadgets, hair styles, jewelery, photobooths and makeup. 
I even love their fake eyelashes..! 

It's just a huge obsession for me that I didn't really know I had until recently. It became really obvious that I am really into the Asian scene when I found blogs of Asian models, I think they were Japanese and they were freakin hot! They always had perfect airbrushed makeup, always a different hair colour and always wearing a weird but awesome outfit. 

I literally sat there for hours just looking through their photos and saving photo, upon photo, upon photo. Talk about inspiration!! 

I can't wait to move to Italy because I know there will be some fantastic Asian stores in the UK (which is only a half hour plane ride away). I just hope I feel more comfortable walking into Asian fashion stores in the UK, than I do in Australia. 

I dunno why I feel so nervous when I go there. I just feel like they are always judging me. I feel like they are talking about me or saying I'm a try hard and it eventually gets me so paranoid that I end up leaving within 2 minutes! Even leaving doesn't feel like an option sometimes because that makes me think that if I leave without buying something, they are going to say I'm a tightass or a poser/time waster. 

To get rid of this paranoid delusional state, I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn some Asian phrases. Not enough to walk up to someone and have a full blown conversation but enough that I know certain keywords that will either make me feel comfortable (less stress) because I know they are talking about a tv show or a cheating boyfriend OR I'll know they are in fact bad mouthing me so I can give them an evil look and walk out haha. 

I know it sounds stupid and I shouldn't care but it gets to me.  

I also know there are a lot of different Asian languages but I'd like to at least give it a try.

Can anyone help me with this? 

If you are of Asian descent, don't take offense to this post and please don't interpret this as a racism issue. It's just me being paranoid and curious. 

PS - If any Asian chicks are in fact reading, why do you have to be so damn intimidating?! =p


Nur Bamadhaj said...

I'm an Asian chick ;)I don't feel offended by your post at all. I think it's normal. It's just an Asian culture to stare, we don't mean any harm. We just like to check out other girls. I think we're lesbian at heart, Lol!

Sorry I can't teach you any Chinese words cause there are Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin. I only know how to listen in Mandarin but can't speak fluently even though it's my 3rd language.

Oh I also don't think it's a good idea for you to buy any clothes cause the marked by the price by 100%. Even I go for clothes from Topshop,Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge or Forever 21. Like most typical Asian girls do.


Bury Me In Velvet said...

lol thanks for your comment. good to know its not me that they are singling out.

it's not necessarily the clothes, it's the accessories. they have the coolest bags and little quirky items. i know the mark up is huge but sometimes your lucky enough to find an awesome bargain. there was this bag i wanted in an asian store in melb central. its quilted black pvc and then the top of it was quilted white faux fur. so awesome, the price tag said $55 and i woulda paid it but the chick was lookin at me from the counter as if to say 'oh hell no, dont even think about it!!' lol.

maybe next time i go, ill take you with me as camouflage ;) hahaha jokes.

ManEater said...

I'm Asian (obviously) and all I have to say is "Yesssss!!! Welcome to the dark side!" muwahaha okay, dark side, not so much, but you get the picture. LOL Unfortunately, I'm Hmong and we're kind of a "minority" within the if I taught you a phrase or two in Hmong and you spoke it to someone Chinese or Japanese, they'd really give you the eye. lol


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