The Devil Wears Prada & The Sook Runs Back To Her Deadbeat Emotionally Abusive & Selfish Boyfriend.

Besides Patricia Fields genius wardrobe choices and Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci's FLAWLESS performance, The Devil Wears Prada bit the big one for me.

Andy Sacks needs to be punched in the face for being such a sooky cow during the ENTIRE movie. Oh poor me boo hoo. Not to mention the only thing keeping her relationship alive with her equally sooky selfish tosser boyfriend is the sex. I just LOVE how she chases him around like a little spineless puppy because he decides to have a whinge every time she is home late. He is an emotionally abusive wanker in my opinion. I wanted to reach into my plasma and choke him.

She brings it on herself though, stop chasing after him and stand up for yourself girl! Tell him to grow a pair and get the hell over it. Oh poor him, she missed his birthday party, have a cry.. Maybe she could miss one of the biggest fashion events of the year to attend what was obviously going to be all the same people at the same local bar that you all attend regularly. So sorry she is trying to make something of her life!

She hooks up with the gorgeous Simon Baker (who was never going to be more than a fling anyway) but instead of starting a fresh, she CRAWLS back to the idiot boyfriend who got a job in Boston and expects her to give up her life and go to Boston with him despite the fact he couldn't handle her getting ahead in life!! But it's ok for him right?! She has to follow him around and do jack shit with her life just to please him, right?! OMG, so aggravated right now.

I really dislike Anne Hathaway as an actress. She is always the victim. Woe is me. Get a grip and invest in some confidence.

I could watch this movie repeatedly, while holding the remote so I can control the MUTE and FAST FORWARD buttons.



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