The TV Guide

I think it's about time you all jump on the t.v band wagon.

Castle - A great comedy about a rich successful crime novelist assisting the police in solving crimes.
Human Target - Private security/bodygaurds that are anything but legit while helping people in deep trouble.
Fringe - FBI, a mental patient, Joshua Jackson and scientific human experiments.
Nurse Jackie - A comedy about a drug addicted nurse who says it like it is.
Bones - FBI & Scientists working together to solve murders.
NCIS - Navy investigators solving murders and assaults.
The Mentalist - A serial killer, the California bureau of investigation & a psychic-type.
Criminal Minds - Special team profiling criminals across America.
Law & Order SVU - Special Victims Unit.
Big Bang Theory - Science nerds comedy.
True Blood - Vampires, shape shifters and other supernatural beings.
Doctor Who - No explanation needed.
Torchwood - A branch on the Dr Who tree.
Lie To Me - A team that help solve crimes just by reading your micro expressions.
Chuck - A nerd turned super spy. Fantastic comedy.
Dexter - A vigilante serial killer who's also a cop.
Breaking Bad - A science teacher with cancer starts making drugs to pay his medical bills.
Burn Notice - An ex spy helping the less fortunate & trying to get back into the spy game.
Midsomer Murders - A great UK crime show.
Californication - An alcoholic/drugged up novelist trying not to stuff up his life any worse.
Leverage - A team of criminals join together to help those who have been taken advantage of by corporations, the rich and scam artists.
Being Human - Cheesy But Good. A vampire and a werewolf living together trying to lead a normal life.
Kitchen Nightmares - Gordon Ramsey visits restaurants in trouble across America to help them get back on track.
CSI Las Vegas - Crime scene investigators solve crime in the Las Vegas area.
Spicks And Specks - Music-fact game show. Seriously hilarious.
Hogans Heroes - Classic, Oldie But A Goodie. - A comedy about the nazis and their prisoners of war.
The Vicker Of Dibley - A great comedy about a female vicker in a small backward town.
Supernatural - BESTTTT show about demons, vampires, god, the devil and monsters etc.
Glee - A great music show teaching the younger generation about teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, music knowledge and being true to who you are.
Justified - A trigger happy gun slinging US marshal gets shipped off to Kentucky to cool off while he is being investigated.
Law & Order - Lawyers and cops working together to solve great crimes.
TopGear - A comedic twist on car reviews.
Blackadder - Classic, Oldie But A Goodie.
Cougar Town - A comedy about a 40-something single mum trying to keep a young edge on life.
Hung - A sports teacher at the local highschool is going broke and decides that the only thing he can do to make some quick money is become a male prostitute.
Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes (UK not USA versions) - A police officer is hit by a car and sent back to the 60s where the cops were almost as bad as the criminals they are chasing.
Law & Order Criminal Intent - One word - Goran.
CSI New York - Crime scene investigators in New York work to solve crimes.
The Closer - Brilliant team of detectives solve crimes that aren't always what they seem.

And the list goes on.


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